Why the Hospitality Industry should adopt E-marketing

In less than a decade, Internet technologies have revolutionized , many businesses including hospitality industry,. Times and trends change quickly and if an hotelier wants to compete and grow his business, he needs to keep up with the latest digital developments in the hospitality industry. The reason is simply that there has been an increase in the number of smartphone users in that industry during the past several years. According to emarketer, a digital market research agency, by 2017, 69 percent of world population will use smartphones. Many businesses have launched their mobile apps to engage their potential and existing customers directly. The meteoric increase in the usage of the smartphones to search for the nearest good hotels, reviews and other details will have an impact on the growth of the hospitality industry.

  • Responsive web design improves efficiency– Responsive web design and development would be a wise approach as the website detects the type of device the user is using to access the website and then dynamically adapt to the browser and screen resolution of user’s device. Again, the business does not have to create separate websites for mobile devices and desktops. The changes and updates made in the website, cascades across the various devices.
  • SEO to enhance user experience– Search Engine Optimization is not about stuffing keywords. Google algorithms, Google Panda and Google Penguin, appreciates and rewards those websites that have valuable and engaging content that has the ability to create organic traffic through local search citation, strong content strategy and social media platforms. The hoteliers have to ensure that their SEO agency takes into consideration the engaging photography and videos, easy to understand and engaging content with relevant sub-heads and bullets, internal links and so on.
  • Content creation and marketing strategy– A website with good content and blog is invaluable, but it alone is not enough. The business needs to have a content marketing strategy where the content is well researched and distributed across various Internet sources. A recent survey conducted on digital marketing trends by Smart Insights, reveal that content marketing is an important digital marketing trend in 2015. A hotel owner should create a content strategy that is well-defined and have measurable goals to propel the growth of the hotel and its brand.
  • Social advertising aids online marketing campaigns– As per a popular content strategy organization, businesses are likely to spend $8.3 billion on social advertising in 2015. There has been an explosion in social advertising trend in 2014 with the introduction of Snapchat, video ads in Instagram and auto-play video ads in Facebook. According to Twitter statistics approximately, 500 million tweets are sent every day. Therefore, create fun and engaging content that’s not driven by sales and promotional content. Its time hospitality industry leverage social advertising to increase brand awareness, drive referral traffic and target new customers and reach out to old customers based on their choices, interests and preferences.

 Moving forward, having an e-marketing strategy in place will help bring in more traffic to the website. Digital marketing is an evolving and rapidly changing arena, it’s also a long-term strategy and if you are interested to know more about the topics discussed and have the urge to improve your hotel’s online bookings to generate revenue, please email your queries sales@yumadigital.com


Why Businesses Need Search Engine Optimized Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer an option for businesses, but a mandate if they want to grow, compete and reap returns on investment. Consumers today are mobile; their decision to purchase goods or services depends on the experiences of their peers. The consumers are looking for quick solutions to their queries and if your business’s website is not among the top 10 websites, the traffic volume of your website will be affected. A website that is not search engine optimized is similar to a business whose address or telephone number cannot be easily traced or found in the directory. This is where SEO comes into play. Here are a few reasons why every business, small, medium or large, should consider investing in optimizing their websites.

5 good reasons to leverage SEO


  1. Optimal User Experience– If the website is not among the top five in the search engines such as Google and Bling, the user would feel the website does not contain the relevant information he is looking out. A good SEO practice will improve the traffic to your website and rank it higher in the Google Search Page. Again if the user has had a good experience with your website, then he is likely to come back again and again for the information he is seeking out and he gradually becomes a loyal user. Also, he will be bringing in new traffic through word-of-mouth publicity.


  1. SEO Enhances Online Brand Awareness- Unless you are Reebok of your industry, it’s unlikely that the consumers are searching by your brand keywords. Therefore, if you want to create awareness about your brand, then your website have to be optimized. The website content cannot be stuffed with your brand keywords. Instead your website should be optimized using keywords that consumers would normally use. The reason is whenever, they search for anything with the similar keywords, if your website comes up, they know that you one of the top ranked websites by Google or similar search engines.


  1. Insight into Customer information-It goes without saying that all websites should implement the analytical tool Google Analytics. This is an amazing SEO tool that gives the business complete information about its customers by analyzing the valuable data and metrics it collects. The information include the language used for the search, the keywords used, browsing pattern, including whether it’s from a mobile device or from a desktop/laptop, the demography where he/she belongs, the time of the day when the user is active and so on. This data can be used in the marketing strategy of the business.


  1. Superior ROI– When it comes to advertising SEO offers one of the best returns on the investment. You need not interrupt potential customers when they are watching television or occupy space on a page where they are going through a news article. All you have to do to make your business noticeable online when they are looking out for businesses related to your line of business.   SEO is a potent tool to rank high in searches so that the target audience becomes aware of as well as notices your presence.


  1. Higher levels of conversion- SEO’s purpose is to be make a particular company’s product/service noticeable to people who are already seeking the same type of products/services. Once they are on the company’s website converting them into customers depends on the design and the quality of content on the website. No effort is necessary to convince them of the need of the concerned product/service as they are already convinced. You need to only persuade them that your products/services are better than that of the existing competitors.

It is wise to hire the services of professionals with proven expertise in search engine optimization. YumaDigital is a quality company with considerable skill in SEO. Using SEO with other tools will increase the credibility, visibility and profitability of any business. contact us sales@yumadigital.com

Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout for In 2016

16-07-15-yumadigital-design-02Marketers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to increase traffic to their websites and also to keep in constant touch with their customers. Digital marketing is an absolute necessity in all types and sizes of businesses today as the business models, and revenue stream have gone digital.

A survey conducted by Gartner in 2014 on digital marketing, found that customer experience will play a pivotal role by 2016. It also went on to reveal that 89% of the companies will rely on and also compete purely on the basis of customer experience. One of the top predictions of Gartner for the future of digital marketing was that by 2017, 50% of consumer product investments of any company will directly depend on the tastes, preferences and the experience of its consumers. Before delving into the digital marketing trends of 2016, let’s take a peep into the digital marketing strategies that are currently trending.

Online Marketing Strategies trending in 2015

  • Content that was a king is an emperor now- Marketers will continue to switch from the conventional digital marketing tactics to creating engaging and relevant content. Companies will focus on enhancing the customer experience and deliver handpicked content. It’s imperative to have a medium to help messages stand out in the crowd. Visual storytelling has gained importance. It is suitable for engaging and nurturing consumers with the use of videos and visual stories.
  • The increased relevance of mobile technology-People utilize mobile devices throughout the day and in different contexts. This enables marketers to target them for longer time periods and at different times of the day. Customers are using the concerned mobile apps to make their purchases. Also, their purchasing decisions are influenced by the reviews that they see on the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Marketing Analytics is blossoming- Marketers have leveraged many analytical tools to find out how customers interact with their products/services. Marketing automation technology is being harnessed more and more. In other words, marketing data will be pivotal to any marketing effort and obtaining it will become simpler and quicker.
  • Digital marketing in 2015 focuses on the importance of the human element- People prefer to give business to individuals and organizations that they are familiar with, like and trust. This involves giving more importance to relationships rather than sales and nurturing connections instead of simply promoting products and services.

The use of wearable techs such as Apple Watch, Google Glass, Samsung watch, as digital marketing tools has emerged and is likely to consolidate and thrive in the future. With just a few months left in 2015, digital marketing gurus have begun the task of charting out plans for the year 2016. Here we look at a few of them

Digital Marketing Trends Expected in 2016

  • Marketing investment will be focused on providing the best user experience- This will be the area where most companies will be competing on for the next couple of years.
  • Companies will spend more on acquiring and analyzing data- They will leverage more value from data both directly by selling it and indirectly by disseminating it throughout the company and acting on the data.
  • Digital commerce will be connected with marketing- There will be a higher investment in digital commerce and a bigger role in fashioning, engaging commerce experiences.
  • Expansion of the Technology role for marketers – Marketers will be closely associated with all technology that touches customer as they are the ones who know customers the best. They will set technology not just related to marketing but for all technologies that are customer facing.

It is important to implement the latest and most promising digital marketing strategies to strengthen the company’s brand, reputation as well as revenue. Start early and act fast so that your firm doesn’t miss out on the commercial returns.

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